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processmaker-reportPeople who are not familiar with the concept of open source mistakenly think that “open” is equivalent to lack of security and so hesitate to use it for their business needs. The fact though is that open source software is just like proprietary software in that it may have the usual bugs and vulnerabilities, with the level of security varying from one app to another.

If you have shied away from using enterprise-class open source software in the past due to security reasons, maybe it’s time for you to try them out. You might find the right alternative for you and realize that you’ve been missing out on great business solutions software that has all the perks of proprietary software plus the perks of open source.

For a good idea of the kind of open source apps available to businesses, you can check out this list (101 Great Enterprise Open Source Apps) from LinuxPlanet. There you will find all kinds of business apps, from accounting and financial apps to business process management apps.

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