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enterprisedb-banner-cloudIt is clear that free open source software can cut any business’ cost significantly. However, many companies and businesses still stick to expensive commercial database software instead of switching to open source software due to the question of reliability and performance, because if it fails in that, then the fall out could possible entail bigger losses.

Still, the tide is changing with EnterpriseDB CEO Ed Boyajian quoted as saying that the “situation is changing very, very fast” and that “open source use is getting stronger”. However, he does acknowledge that “in the database space it can be very costly to move from one platform to the other” which is why they have made a version that is compatible with Oracle technology. This means that applications can then run on both on Oracle and Postgres, so that no rewriting of code has to take place.

With transitions costs cut by this, and the significantly cheaper price of EnterpriseDB, there is now a reliable open source database software available for enterprise needs. Still, it’s up to the business execs to decide whether the financial rewards is worth the investment that switching will still require.

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